Is Bluehost Any Good?

Question: I have searched the internet and read some reviews about Bluehost. I am still not sure if Bluehost web hosting is as good as people said or many of the bad Bluehost reviews is something to worry about.

Answer: To answer that question, we are going to look at a web hosting comparison method proposed by We are going to use Google to thoroughly check if Bluehost is bad or Bluehost is good. SERPs analysis

Analysis Total SERPs “Rocks” “Sucks” “Suckage” Ratio
Bluehost 1,800,000+ 1600 2000 55%
Godaddy 2,400,000+ 350+
6,100 95%
Verio 1,000,000+ 25+
440 95%
HostGator 2,000,000+
400 1800 81%

Note that the more “suck” result pages as compared to the “rock” pages is normal because more unsatisfied customers tend to make more noise than the satisfied ones. We are guilty too.

Is Bluehost Any Good?

The search for the keywords “Bluehost sucks” on Google returned about 2000 results. The search for “Bluehost rocks” returned more than 1600 results or praises (at least for today). The ratio of the negative reviews versus the total suck+rock pages is only about 55%. Another intesting fact is that Bluehost has the most “rocks” pages (1600+ to be exact) as compared to other hosting companies out there!

In contrast, a search for “Godaddy sucks” returned more than 6100 complaints while a search for “Godaddy rocks” returned less than 400 results. The ratio of the suck pages is a whopping 95%. Feel free to visit this Godaddy review too to see the bigger picture. In addition, a search for “Verio sucks” returned more than 440 bad experiences while a search for “Verio rocks” returned only about 25 praises. We can conclude that Godaddy or Verio is not is not as good as Bluehost as they have higher “suckage” ratio.

We try to compare apple to apple, i.e we compare web hosting companies of the same size (we search for the general keyword “Hosting-X” to get the estimated size of a hosting company) and the prices for their packages should be in the same range. That is the reason we choose Godaddy and Verio as comparisons. You can try compare with other hostings in mind. If you find a hosting with better suckage ratio than Bluehost, please let us know in the comment box below.

How Good is Bluehost web hosting?

Can Bluehost be your web hosting of choice? You decide. They have a 30-day money back guarantee, and they also give pro-rated refund if you cancel after the 30 days (no other companies we know does this). Thus, you have almost no risk for trying them with this unique prorated refund policy. Click the Bluehost discount and get their unlimited hosting space and unlimited file transfer at $6.95.

Another benefit of Bluehost is their integrated tools for you to use via user-friendly web interface. Examples of some of the tools available include: WordPress, PHP-NUKE, Xoops, phpBB2, Viper Guestbook, 4images gallery, advanced poll, PhpWiki, and many others. There is also webmail/SMTP email support. The additional benefit of BlueHost is the ability to add or park multiple domains on one single account.

Blue Host represents the best value based on a combination of price, performance, and features relative to the other hosting providers we looked at. We strongly recommends Bluehost.

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p.s: You can use web hosting comparison sites to compare Bluehost vs Site5, Bluehost vs Godaddy, Bluehost vs Justhost and Bluehost vs 1and1. Bluehost always comes out the winner.

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