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“They laughed when I told them my low cost website hosting included expert and friendly 24/7 free livechat tech support!”

If you would like to spend less time solving your web design, domain name or hosting problems and spend more time making money from your website, this is going to be the most exciting message your will ever read.
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Here is why: my name is Ron and sometime ago, I was dead broke. I used to buy lots eBooks, memberships and how-to-make-money products from Clickbank, Warrior Forum and e-Junkie. I have spent thousands of dollars on resources to learn about online business, internet marketing and make money online. I have to say, what a waste of money. My biggest problem is not those ebooks or programs, but it was getting the website up. I was unable to solve many questions about web design, hosting and domain names.

The expensive ebooks and membership programs are of no help at all. They do not like beginner questions. Why not just use Google you say? If you want help from Google, you need to know the accurate keywords and terminologies to search for. If you do not know the difference between FTP and HTML, then you will just get eyestrain instead of the results that you want. You need a human to talk to if you are a novice, because you do not know if you need cPanel, WordPress or Fantastico. If you are new in website designing, you will not know that Linux is cheaper and better than Windows hosting. If you are a newbie blogger or website-maker, you will get confused with the terms like sitebuilder, hyperlinks and dns server.

Actually, I wasn’t just broke, I was desperate.

Then, one day, I came up with a “crazy idea” about how to get my website and hosting problems answered by real human expert, at no cost. This idea actually lets you get answers quickly, at anytime day or night, no matter where you are in the world.

My friends laughed at the idea. They thought it will not work and nobody will entertain me unless I pay some money. In fact, one guy said I was just a bum, that my idea was silly and making money on the internet is just for those who graduated with a PhD in IT. He felt sorry for me.

My Experiments

Oh yeah? Well, I didn’t care. I still thought I had a good idea and started to connect to some web hosting companies via their live chat links. And guess what? The live chat actually did get all of my questions answered. And I used the answers and solutions to build websites after websites. I also learn a lot about web design, blogging, domain names and web hosting in the process. I now have close to 200 websites and I am making $$$ every month, more than any of my salaried friends do in a year.

What is the bottom line? Simply this: not all experts were able to answer my questions and helped me…

If You Don’t Solve Your Website and Hosting Problems Now,
You Will Hate Yourself Later

When it comes to website building, domain names and web hosting, who do you think knows best about these topics? If you answer “the web hosting company” – then you are correct. But not all web hosting companies gives 24/7 support let alone knowledgable answers. After careful research and from my own experience, I narrowed down to one web host support system which is the live chat at Hostgator. I can guarantee you cannot go wrong with the website support from Hostgator.

I now told my friends about my success and they too are following my footsteps. We all are using Hostgator.

We have had questions and contacted the live chat at 3am and they were all over it! No matter if you do not already have an account with them, if you just have a pressing question, or you just need some help, rest assured because they are available to assist you! Follow the link below and start asking your questions.

Click Here to Start Live Chat with Hostgator

If you do not have a web host yet, then you can even try Hostgator for a penny. If you do have a hosting account with another web host, they should still be polite to you no matter what you ask them. They want you to join them or at least recommend Hostgator to a friend who does not have a hosting account yet. So go ahead and ask them anything and clear your mind.

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We want to hear your feedback too. Please use the form below to comment on your experience when using the support chat at Hostgator.

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